The Microbiome is all the rage lately, products touting the next miracle item to help achieve optimal digestive health and heal your microbiome. But,what role does the microbiome play in our health? Is it important to have an intact microbiome? What is the microbiome? These questions are just a few I am being asked lately in practice. Many patients are going on diet fads and supplements in search for optimal digestive health all because of the term microbiome.
The Microbiome is a complex ecosystem of microbes. Comprised of bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa this ecosystem house trillions of microbes. This complex ecosystem has many jobs including immunity, digestions, regulating metabolism and synthesizing vitamins to name a few. A microbiome that is not in harmony is thought to affect certain disease states (type II diabetes, ADHD and autism) to name a few
This Saturday we will be having a lecture on Digestive Health at ADAMS Fairacre farms at 3pm in the Wappingers location. To learn more on optimal digestive health for your microbiome from diets to supplements join us this Saturday at 3pm.