Summer is here, which means warmer weather, barbeques, beaches and frozen daiquiris are now within our reach. With these joys of summer can also come some unwanted calories, dont let the summer fun spoil your weight loss goals. Here are some ways to avoid packing on the pounds this summer.
Stay Hydrated with the right drink
As the thermometer reads 90 we tend to reach for cooler beverages to hydrate ourselves. A great tip is to not drink these calories, instead opt for water with lemon or lime or have an infused water with berries and mint.
Try a new move
Step outside your comfort zone and try a new workout routine. Either walking or running a different path, try interval training or a new workout app on the phone to help keep your workout routine fresh.
Have Fruit not dessert
Instead of indulging in your favorite ice cream have a fruit salad for dessert or enjoy banana ice cream made with almond milk.
Be informed
Label scanners are a great way to be informed on what you are putting into your body. Look at the calories, servings, sizes, grams of sugar,added sugar and total fat to avoid the marketing ploy of “healthy foods”.
Don’t be Distracted
Studies show that we tend to eat more and feel less satisfied when we don’t pay attention to what we are putting in our body. TV trays should be a thing of the past, tablets and phones should also be placed out of reach. Instead focus on what you are eating and perhaps have a lively conversation with the family.
Get your Zzz’s
Try to have a relaxing bedtime routine, instead of watching TV, read a book or listen to meditation music prior to bed. Dimming the lights and making sure all electronics are off can help us to fall asleep.