Spring allergies wreaking havoc on your daily life? One focus is to make sure you get your gut health in check. Many studies are emerging on the need to have our gut in a state of balance of good and bad bacteria to thrive. More studies are on the horizon validating these claims. Yet, how do we do this? Do we need to take probiotics daily? Are probiotics the answer and cure all? From recent research I can say the jury is still out but there are many articles validating the need for balance in our microbiome. One way that this gets tilted is our western diet. Diets high in refined carbs, sugar and processed foods are actually killing off beneficial bacteria in our guts. Thus making us more prone to infection, allergies and yes some might say asthma.
The first step to combat this is to swap out these refined processed sugary foods and replace them with Whole Foods. Fruits and vegetables should be at least 50% of our intake throughout the day. The other 50 % should be from whole grains and lean meats. One way to meet these goals is swapping out snacks for fresh fruits and vegetables like apples and almond butter or cucumber and guacamole. Try changing your diet and see if you notice and allergy improvement.