Its that time of year. The time of year we as mom’s make the resolution of “our kids will not buy lunch this year” “I will only provide healthy snacks”. We all do it and succeed at it for normally a few weeks until the time comes when the ball drops and we get right back into our old habits. One of my this resolutions is more healthy snacks especially when they get off the bus. I know too well especially when I’m not around and Dad or Grandpa get my little guy off the bus he quickly can convince them that he needs three snacks and none of them are a healthy choice.
This year we instituted the fruit and vegetable drawer. I used snack size ziplock bags and made enough fruit and vegetable bags for a whole week. I also made a snack bin in the closet that has pirate’s booty, Annie’s crackers and graham cookies. With both of these snack areas we made a rule
at least 3 items in the fruit and vegetable drawer must be eaten before a snack from the other bin can be consumed.
Only one item from the other bin per day.
I know we want our kids to know what foods are good and not put so many rules on food. Let’s face it kids are kids and we need to give them rules to understand that we can have certain items but not all the time. This school year let’s not take everything away from our kids. Instead focus on them consuming the healthier items and teach them that chips, cookies etc can be consumed in moderation.

    These are the snacks at the moment in our fruit and vegetable drawer