We all know that we can’t be perfect in our diet 100% of the time. Sometimes we fall off and consume the pastas, cookies or cakes we have been so diligently trying to avoid. This is ok, and not only is it ok some would think that it’s expected to give into temptation some of the time. What matters is what occurs after we give into temptation. Do we give up and say well if I had pancakes for breakfast than the day is already ruined? Do we think that a binge day has ruined our week?
The answer to these questions should be no. Your day or week is not ruined by one or even two bad meals. We need to stop beating ourselves up about it and focus on the road and journey ahead. It’s easier said than done after we look back and feeling that we failed.
Sometimes support can help us pick ourselves back up and get us back on track. This is why we launched our FaceBook weight loss support group Keep It Healthy For Life. This group is for the days we feel down, or want to beat ourselves up for having those cookies. By talking to others it is a good way to keep your weight loss goals alive. I am the mentor of this group and feel by just talking with everyone can help to keep you motivated to continue your weight loss journey.Anyone can join this group, if you want to join with a friend (it can be great to have a buddy!) we accept everyone.
Sometimes on line is not enough and we really need more support in person. On May 25th we have our monthly weight loss series at 400 Westage in Fishkill NY 5:30pm. It is always good to know when it seems your goals are too far away they’re are people that can support you and keep you motivated to achieve these goals.