My son like many other 4 year olds would eat an ice pop every day and at all times during the day as well. Recently he has become a little picky, especially in the morning. Every day would be a fight to try and get him to have breakfast before sending him to preschool. Although his school does supply breakfast I know that the likelihood of him consuming this when he got to school was low.
One day I saw a recipe for breakfast ice pops in a magazine and thought Yes! My son will eat that. Now like I said these worked out because my son would literally eat an ice pop at all hours of the day. I just needed to put a healthy spin on these and the dietitian in me insists on no sugar added. So I got out my plain greek yogurt, threw in some strawberries in my ninja and gave it a go. I froze them overnight and hoped that he would like this. It was a success! He loved them and was upset when I ran out. Although I do need to purchase better molds this is definitely going to stay in my house this summer.
1 plain greek yogurt
½ cup cut strawberries
¼ cup blueberries
Blend in blender and freeze for 8 hours.