The days are longer and the weather is hotter it’s summer time! The long awaited time of year for kids and parents a lIke. Although the kids will not be in school anymore we get to look forward to vacation! This year it was a little more difficult to plan anything since we just had the birth of our daughter. As most parents with multiple children know just because you have a new child does not mean life stops for the others. So although vacation will be on a smaller scale this year we are still going to be taking our kids somewhere. I know traveling with a one month old sounds crazy but I had a strict list of wants for wherever we went for my husband to accommodate. On the top of the list was being able to cook our meals instead of going out. I like this option for multiple reasons. One because it is cheaper. Number two my kids are more likely to eat what I cook for them and it will be healthier. Number three is who wants to take three kids, two under the age of two out to dinner? Not me!! So look for my upcoming post on this experience hopefully I find some good farm stands along the way to create my vacation masterpiece.