At times we can get complacent in our exercise routines. This can leave our body at plateaus that we need to break. One way that I have seen to overcome this is changing our fitness routine. This can be as simple as adding in some weight training to our fitness schedules.
Why does this occur you ask? When you have a regular workout routine your muscles becomes familiar with doing the same exercises regularly. Aren’t our bodies really smart! Our bodies than learn how to do those exercises using fewer calories, making your regular workout routine less effective for weight loss. New ways to add in some change to your fitness regimen are;
Interval training Interval training is a great way to amp up your calorie burn. Interval training has you increasing your speed for a period of times then returning to a slower speed. One way to this do this is by warming up on the treadmill for 5 minutes, than increasing your speed for 2 minutes and back down to a lower speed for another few minutes. You can also increase the incline throughout your exercise regimen as well.
Strength training can often be overlooked when our focus maybe on cardio. Increasing your strength training is a good way to beat your weight loss plateau.