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Smitha John, NP

Northern Medical Group Providers
361 Smith John 011620

Smitha John, NP

About the provider

Smitha John, NP views communication as a cornerstone of good healthcare

With both parents in the medical field, Smitha John, NP knew she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare from a very young age. As a child, it was her dream to make a difference and work directly with her patients. She began her career as a nurse working in Putnam Hospital’s ICU, and from there, she continued her studies and became a Family Nurse Practitioner. Public health is her passion, and she loves that her speciality provides her with the opportunity to work with people of “all ages, diverse groups, different ethnicities and backgrounds.”

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Smitha John believes communication is a key factor in building provider and patient relationships. She always wants her patients to feel connected and know that they are valued by their provider. Being “empathetic, understanding, and compassionate” has helped her to connect with her patients on a new and more personal level.

When she is not working, Smitha John, NP likes hiking, gardening, baking, cake decorating, and painting. She also volunteers in the Prison Ministry.

Areas of Expertise
  • Internal Medicine

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