This week we decided to take our Support group outside! Instead of always being in the classroom it was time to put some of the topics discussed into action! Particularly exercise. We did it! As a group we walked the walkway which took about 45-50 minutes but what an accomplishment to walk 3 miles! Everyone was excited as we neared our finish line.
Next challenge I think should be a 5K!
Which brings me to why goal setting is important in healthy living and weight loss. It’s great to work towards our goals and we feel great when we are able to accomplish them! Goal setting gives us something to strive for and can also help keep us on track. While focusing on our goals we are able to weed out other unwanted thoughts and focus on our goal.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right goal for you.
1. Decide what you want.
2. Specify your goals. Think about how to get what you want.
3. Develop a step by step action plan – including a plan to monitor your progress.
4. Keep your goals realistic and constantly revisit them
What’s your fitness goal? Post to our facebook page what your fitness goal is. Sometimes putting it in writing makes it real.