A week off! Vacationing in the woods! This is what I just came back from and why I haven’t been posting this past week. My kids had a blast playing with their cousins, hiking and swimming. It was a week of bliss especially since we did the majority of the cooking at our condos and the one place we did go out to eat was more than happy to accommodate my wheat intolerance as well as my brothers beef intolerance (yes we must come in pairs.. lol). The one hard day was when we went to Hershey Park and again I should know better and pack my own snacks and breakfast but we got a late start on our 2 hour trek with the kids. When everyone stopped for Dunkin Donuts I had a coffee and thought they would at least have a banana. I was wrong. So coffee it was. They did have a sign at the beginning of the of Hershey that they had gluten free items. Sad to say when it was time to eat we were halfway across the park and had no ambition of going any farther. I was happy to see that they had options though for people needing to follow a GF diet. Although I am unsure about cross contamination I would hope they abide by strict guidelines.
While on vacation I was giving my family a lesson on how to tell if items had wheat in them. Yes, it is easier to just say gluten free to most people. I thought it was very helpful and supportive that my family was willing to buy additional items, go to different restaurants to make sure I would not feel excluded. When speaking with patients I sometimes hear stories of family members telling them it’s all in their heads. Glad to say I have a supportive family.
All in all better trip eating wise than my last. I definitely learned from past experiences and pack ahead when possible.
A wheat intolerant traveler