We all know the old adage calories in needs to be less than calories out. Meaning if we create a deficit we can lose weight. This week I read an article that said if we can negate 500 calories per day we can lose a pound a week. That’s a week long deficit of 3500 calories. We as dietitians know this to be true and tote this to our patients. Yet, when looking at how simple it seems to us and saying “just stop drinking the soda” What if we are a patient that does not drink any sugar sweetened beverage? What if we believe we are doing everything right but the scale still is not moving? What do we as a patient do than? Do we shrug and say better luck next time? Do we throw up our hands in frustration and delve into a decadent dessert?
In my opinion weight loss plateaus are the worst especially when we believe we are doing everything in our power to lose weight. But since calories do matter, just as much as where they are coming from it may help to take another look.
I suggest look at what you are consuming on a daily basis. Track your meals for a week or two. How many calories are you consuming in a daily and weekly basis. If our weekend consist of a cheat meal, day or days we may be sabotaging our week.
Before throwing in the towel next time we see the scale stick at a number. Evaluate what you have been doing. Maybe there is a way to cut calories in your diet. We just need to be creative.