As I am sitting here writing this I’m thinking of the arrival of my upcoming Baby girl and all the worries that come along with having kids. This is by no means my first, this child is actually my third with a 5 and half year old at home and 22 month old I know the upcoming months will be busy. One of the many concerns that I have on my mind is always breastfeeding right before I deliver. Will I be able to do it again? Can I devote myself purely to her for the next 6 months to year? Of course I will try my hardest to do this which means eating right, pumping when I go back to work in between patients and yes not having alcohol, and having leaking occur at random times. It is not easy and anyone that tells you that it is is lying. One of my biggest pet peeves is when judgement happens. Oh you did not breastfeed your child? How could you not produce enough milk? Yes, these things can and do happen to many people. Although my last son I breast feed until he was almost a year and a half I was not as lucky with my first. I started to introduce formula relatively early while breastfeeding because I felt I could not keep up with him and then gradually gave up breastfeeding by about 4 months. You know what he his a happy, healthy, smart 5 and half year old. We have a great bond and connection and I would not change any of my decisions. At the time I was a new scared mom trying to figure out how to do it all. Work, husband, kid, house and still have a little bit of me time (yes we all need it!). So as I sit here today and think about the birth of my daughter in the upcoming week I can’t help feel a little nervous and anxious to see how this will go with two others underfoot. Because no matter what anyone tells you breastfeeding is hard! It’s a big commitment and if you cannot do it don’t let anyone make you feel less about being a good mom!