In the new year many of us are making resolutions. Some are focused on weight loss while others are financial or spiritual. In this new year my focus is to try new spices and recipes.
Herbs have been used for many years for their healing properties. Let’s face it, they were here long before antibiotics came into practice. Many are still used by individuals today to help alleviate chronic problems, but can they all enhance a foods flavor? Can we use them in recipes instead of taking a pill or steeping a tea to get their curing powers?
Through this year my resolution is to research and try these herbs and then share my knowledge with you. I will tell you where I bought these herbs why we use it and the best form and amount to consume (per the latest research).
Why do this? Because I am curious to know the latest findings of medicinal medicine and of course if food can be used to help propel these herbs further, than why not cook with them?
If there are any herbs that you want to learn more about let us know on Facebook and I will be happy to test recipes and research that herb for you.
Look forward to hearing from you a trying out new recipes this year, and of course learning along the way:)