At times we need a boost, something to perk up our interests and remind us what our driving force is. Mine has always been cooking and running but with the turn my life has taken in the past couple of months I am sad to say that I have let both go to the back burner. Over this past weekend while at my parents house over the holiday I was able to get back to one of them which is running and ran three miles without an issue. In fact I felt so fueled up and energized after. I vowed that this week would be different and I would get back into the exercise swing of things. It is sad to say I did not, without having my treadmill downstairs it became very difficult to find the time to go run with the kids. I used to get up early and go but I am unsure if lack of motivation of just exhaustion and stress is kicking in? Tomorrow I am again vowing to get up and go on at least a 2 mile run where we are staying. Here’s to hoping it actually comes true. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Please Visit our website, or answer this post on FB and let me know. Maybe we all can have strategies that can helqp each other.