We have all heard our doctors tell us to increase our dietary fiber and that it is a key component to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. In order to increase our fiber intake we have to know what it is, as well as what food sources contain fiber.
Fiber is known as the roughage part of plant foods that the body can’t absorb or digest. There are many different types of fiber and tons of fiber supplements out on the market. There is a strong correlation between dietary fiber and digestion which can help regulate bowel movements. A high fiber diet has been correlated with increased weight loss.There are many simple swaps throughout the day that can help include more fiber in the diet. To hear more about these simple swaps and taste a high fiber stew recipe join us on Wednesday October 4th at 5:30pm for our weight loss support group. We will share with you the benefits of a high fiber diet and how to increase fiber intake throughout the day.