As a dietitian I love reading about new health topics that are on the horizon, I Also love to get feedback or question on topics that everyone would like to learn more about. My passion as everyone who has ever attended my lectures knows is cooking and trying to come up with a healthy spin on a once not so healthy dish. I also love to introduce everyone to new foods that maybe you have never thought to try.
I was grocery shopping with my kids the other day, as we were perusing down the fruit aisle we saw what looked like a big grapefruit. My 4 year old, ever the curious one asked me what that ball was. Now if he asked me this 2 years ago i would not have been able to answer, but two years ago a fellow dietitian brought what looked to be an oversized grapefruit or a ball into the office. My interest was peaked, as I love grapefruit. My friend further went on to tell me that this was called a Pomelo and I have to try it. I did and I was hooked!
Pamelos, are a non-hybrid citrus fruit that appears to resemble a big grapefruit. The fruit is normally a pale green color or when ripe a yellow color. It has a sweet mild flavor, without the bitterness that a grapefruit usually has.
Pomelos like other citrus fruits is rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, and also contains high amounts of beta carotene,folic acid and potassium. This exotic fruit also comes with added health benefits, due to its high vitamin c content, it helps to boost your immunity. High potassium content will aid in bone health, body cramping as well as aiding to reduce blood pressure. Pomelos are also high in fiber so they are a good aid in weight loss.
Next time you are in the grocery store or at work and see something new give it a try. You may like what you find and also get some added health benefits as well.