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Northern Medical Group
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Our pediatricians have knowledge, skill and the ability to find out where it hurts when your child can’t tell you

Northern Medical Group is proud to offer among our many services an excellent pediatrics division. Our board certified internal medicine and pediatrics doctors, nurse practitioners and administrative staff share an ability to communicate clearly and with empathy to children of every age and their often worried parents.

Pediatric excellence and parent reassurance

Our staff offers parents information on childhood diseases, conditions and treatment. As importantly, we specialize in preventive wellness. Our knowledge extends from birth through adolescence and helps your child progress through the ages and stages with special attention to their whole system, body and mind.

We provide the best possible level of care to help you navigate your child’s healthy growth, common, everyday illnesses and more serious conditions.

We are dedicated to your child’s health and well-being

At Northern Medical Group Pediatrics, we are committed to family-centered care. Our physicians provide comprehensive general and preventive diagnosis and treatment, as well as care for children with complex or chronic health conditions. In every case, your child will receive exceptional care with the utmost kindness and compassion.

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