The breeze is blowing, the temperature dipped and it’s suddenly fall!!! My favorite time of year! The time of year I get to make my soups and stews (which you will be seeing a lot of on my blog). I live my soups but just because they warm you up on a brisk day but also because they can be a complete meal in one. Making two soups out of one just makes it more fabulous. Both are delicious just ask my son who gobbled up two hearty bowls with crackers last night.
The recipe couldn’t be easier we first make a pot of chicken soup. For this and also for time I like to use chicken breast that way there is plenty of protein in the soup to make it a complete meal and I don’t have to spend time striking the soup. Next make a pot of wild rice I use a mixture of brown, wilds, black and red rice.
When adding the veggies I like to add parsnips grated I think it gives the soup a little more flavor and the kids never know.
After the chicken soup has boiled for at least 2 hours take the chicken breasts out and chop them up. Next add them back to the soup. Add some of the wild rice you cooked up and this soup is ready for eating.
Soup the second way is take a smaller pot and transfer some of the chicken soup. I took about 4 cups. Add one cup of spinach and cook for 10 minutes. Next in a one cup measuring cup add 2 tsp cornstarch and 1 cup milk, mix well. Add that to the little pot and cook until it thickens. Add some rice and then you have chicken soup two ways.