St.Patrick’s day a day of parades, cornbeef and cabbage. I grew up in a big irish neighborhood in yonkers new york and St. patrick’s day was always a big deal. We now have an annual parade that we are going to today. When everyone thinks about St.Patrick’s day not only is cornbeef and cabbage on the mind but for those of us of age Guinness is always a part of the day. This lager is a hearty beer and one that is also used in some traditional irish meals.
Guinness some consider a very heavy beer but are there any health benefits? My great grandmother swore that this dark elixir had some health benefits to it. Research by the University of Wisconsin did find that this lager has flavonoids and help to reduce your risk of blood clots and heart attack just like having a glass of red wine.
Calorie with guinness is not much more than your average Bud Light supplying 125 calories per 12 oz just 15 calories more than the same serving of bud light. Moderation as always is key and if you partake in this beverage causation is always warned about having too much. So today raise a glass to heart health but remember one is the perfect number.