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Renita Butler, M.D.

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Renita Butler, M.D.

About the provider

Renita Butler, MD Sees provider/patient teamwork as essential in today’s medicine.

Dr. Butler says she’s had a fascination with science, math and helping others since elementary school. Her parents bought her a play doctor’s kit and she would “check family’s members’ reflexes with a play reflex hammer” and “try to listen to their hearts” with a play stethoscope. As she matured as an individual, she participated in health fairs, listened to other career health professionals from elementary school to high school, and followed some doctors in their offices during summers. In fact, her pursuit of becoming an Internal Medicine Physician has been lifelong.

Internal Medicine follows the adult life span of an individual and Dr. Butler chose this specialty because, “I wanted to provide lifelong care for individuals as they travel this “journey of life”.
She connects with patients using one of our most viable senses - hearing and actually listening to her patient. She says “ In today’s society, everyone is rushing from one place to the next. It is important for my patients to understand the value of listening, caring, and respecting my expertise in the area to provide them with the best care for their condition. With mutual respect, their plan of care will be individualized to meet the needs of their medical conditions-whether it is acute or chronic. Teamwork (doctor and patient) is very important in today's modern era of medicine.”

Music is a passion
“Outside of work, [my] favorite thing to engage in outside of the office is to listen to all types of music in my free time. Before medical school, I used to play classical music on the piano from elementary to college.”


Medical Education

  • Emory University, Atlanta, GA - Bachelor of Science, Biology
  • Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN - Doctor of Internal Medicine


  • University of South Alabama Medical Center, Mobile, AL - Internal Medicine
Areas of Expertise
  • Internal Medicine

Practice locations

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