Every mom knows the dilemma of having to make something for their child’s school. This week my son Charlie had heritage night and what country does he pick Scotland. I am not Scottish my husband is and I really did not know a lot of different Scottish dishes. After scouring the internet I found what are called “tatties” or potato pancakes. These items are normally served for breakfast and for the sake of trying to find a GF way of doing things all you would have to substitute GF flour in this one. They are very easy and delicious to make. Overall they were a hit with everyone in attendance. I would also makes these again with leftover mashed potatoes.
1 pound potatoes peeled and cooked
½ stick butter
¼ cup cream or milk
1 egg
½ cup flour (substitute GF flour)
Boil peeled potatoes on stove. When fork tender drain and add butter and milk. Mash until creamy. Let cool so they are workable. Next add flour and egg. Mix well. Roll onto a floured surface to form round disk. Place in a preheated greased skillet and cook on medium heat 1-2 minutes each side. Serve with sunny side up eggs