This week was dubbed camp Alex week. Alex is my niece who was gracious enough to come and help keep my little ones occupied this week. All her life I have been teaching her recipes and how to cook and it is showing in the recipes she is creating. This week for Camp Alex she not only planned activities but also prepared lunch and a snack. Did I tell you I have the best niece!! It was a fun filled week and I decided to share her recipes with you since they are a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen.
Peanut Butter Apple Snails
This recipe was fun, watch our video on youtube to get an idea of what these look like. My son joined in the fun too!
Chocolate Chips
Apple slices
Cut celery in half. Next place about a tsp of peanut butter in the celery. Place apple skin side up on peanut butter. Take two chocolate chips for eyes in front and cut one pretzel in half for antennas. Enjoy with your kids!!