Food is something that brings people together around the holidays. Typically, you
find a large variety of foods around the holidays leaving you wanting to try
everything! Here are a few simple things to keep in mind with eating around the
-Be mindful of the portion sizes. Use a small plate to help with that.
-After eating, wait 10 minutes or so to decide if you are still hungry and want
-Pay close attention to the nutrient rich foods but also understand they
contain have calories and can contribute to weight gain.
-Be mindful of the sugar and calories in our favorite holiday cocktails. Sip on
water while enjoying a cocktail.
-Last but not least, kick-start your day by eat a healthy breakfast consisting of
a protein and carbohydrates. (Example, two hard-boiled eggs with one piece
of whole wheat toast). This will help to avoid the overeating later in the day.
Guest Blog Erin Kershaw