Halloween is coming and I’m sure your little ones are just as excited as mine are to trick or treat. Although Halloween is the holiday of candy and sweets, it is also the holiday that all moms fear because of the sugar overload. This year maybe start some new traditions with the following ideas.
Switch the witch mimicked the elf on the shelf idea and allows the witch to be out for the holiday seasons, but on Halloween night the witch goes as well as the candy but the candy is switched with a prize. This is one tradition I wish I came across sooner, maybe next year.
Another great tradition is Childrens Medical Group 8th annual Halloween candy exchange. This allows your child to bring in their haul the day after Halloween in exchange for a prize. Click on this link to learn more.
It is always a good idea to teach your children moderation. I know my family will be participating in the Childrens Medical Group candy exchange, but I will allow my son to keep a little candy, just not the over five pounds we usually get from trick or treating. Whatever you decide have a Happy Halloween and remember your Teal pumpkins #tealpumpkinproject