The temperature is reading 94 degrees outside! It is way too hot to cook! This is when our grills become very handy but who wants to stand outside in front of a grill in 90 degree temperatures? Not me! I will however heat my grill throw a package of foil wrapped food on it and walk away. That I can do in this heat. I have seen many different recipes using foil packets on the grill and have tried a few. What I can say is it’s quick, easy and allows you to play outside with you kids while dinner is cooking. I love this idea so much that this summer I think you will be seeing a demonstration video in the near future (let’s say Wednesday lol). If you have any foil wrapped ideas or questions please let us know on Facebook if not I hope you like the recipe!
Heat grill on medium
In foil pack place 1 slice cabbage, ½ pepper, one ear corn cut in half and my own old bay one tsp butter on top. Cook for one hour. I will demonstrate this next week!