I did it!! I made an essential oil after a very bad failed attempt. I read countless recipes on the internet and used olive oil at first which i found too pungent in smell to let the smell of the leaves permeate. I also change my method a little and used a mortar and pestle to extract some of the natural oils and wonderful smells out of the leaves.
Carrier oils are important when making essential oils and this I learned the hard way by using a stronger carrier oil the first time. I also learned that you need to soften the leaves of the herbs that you are using, which is where the mortar and pestle came in.
Lavender is an herb that has a very calming affect. This herb has been used as an essential oil for over 2500 years. That’s a long time to prove its many healing benefits. Lavender’s healing benefits include to improve digestive health. Lavender works on eliminating “bad bacteria” in the gut that can occur when taking antibiotics.
This herb also works to alleviate dandruff, is a sleep aide, acts as a bug repellent, help alleviate anxiety. It is also used in a vaporizer to loosen phlegm. Lavender has far reaching qualities and can be found in many drug or health food stores. It is also fairly easy to make in your dutch oven.
Remove flower from lavender plant. You need approximately ⅛ cup of lavender. I than used a mortar and pestle and crushed the flower. In a mason jar I placed the lavender along with ½ cup of carrier oil (i used safflower oil, but you could use olive oil or other carrier oils as well). After placing the lavander and the oil in the mason jar place jar in crock pot and set heat to warm. Leave on for 12 hours. After let cool. Than pour over cheese cloth over another container. Make sure you are pressing the leaves in the cheesecloth to extract all the oil.  Funnel into jar of your choosing. Store in a cool dark place (I put mine in a cabinet).