Poughkeepsie, NY-January 11, 2012—The Digestive Disease Center of the Hudson Valley, the region’s leading gastroenterology medical practice, has begun offering Esophageal Manometry, a highly sensitive test used to assess the functioning of the esophagus.
With the most advanced equipment in the region at its Fishkill location, Digestive Disease Center is the only gastroenterology group in the Mid-Hudson Valley to perform Esophageal Manometry.  Manometry testing is typically performed to evaluate cases of gastric reflux, severe heartburn (GERD), difficulty swallowing and functional chest pain.
“Patients no longer have to travel to Albany or Westchester for this test,” says Dr. Tamer Sargios, a board-certified gastroenterologist with Digestive Disease Center.  “It only takes about ten minutes but can, ultimately, lead to a more accurate diagnosis and a more effective treatment for years to come.”
During the test, a small catheter with tiny sensors is placed through the patient’s nose and into the stomach. The catheter detects and records information about the patient’s breathing and swallowing.  The results are then interpreted by a gastroenterologist.
For more information about Esophageal Manometry, visit digestivediseaseny.com or call 845-452-9800 to make an appointment with a board-certified gastroenterologist.
The Digestive Disease Center of the Hudson Valley is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of diseases and disorders of the digestive tract. It is the region’s only Gastroenterology group that includes two female gastroenterologists. All of its physicians are board-certified in Gastroenterology. The Digestive Disease Center has offices in Poughkeepsie, Fishkill and Pleasant Valley and is now on Facebook.