We had a great lecture this weekend at Nature’s pantry regarding GMOs. At the beginning people were unsure why they would buy GMO free foods or if it mattered to them at all if something was GMO free or not. The funny part was by the end, some people’s viewpoints changed and others were left with more questions than when we began.  We discussed how a GMO is introduced into our food chain through processes such as gene transfer and outcrossing. We than looked at different ways we may be affected by these GMO’s such as allergy concerns, and autoimmune disease that have been increasing through the years.
The response to this lecture was great and it did raise a lot of questions,one which is a big factor for many people when looking to buy GMO free products or have them labeled as GMO free or not is price. Would price for consumers increase due to GMO free labeling?? Would people who live paycheck to paycheck now be left with less money to buy groceries?? In our upcoming lectures we will be discussing GMOs and the link to autoimmune disease, allergies as well as price concerns. Look for this lecture coming in October.