The holidays are fast approaching and with the holidays come cookie exchanges, work parties and many get togethers with friends and family. This can potentially be your waistlines worst nightmare. I know this time of year I make sure I’m hitting the pavement or treadmill most days of the week to avoid packing on the holiday pounds. There are some tricks of the trade that I would like to share, to help your waistline through this time of year.
Don’t forgo all your holiday parties but don’t go hungry. I know many people might want to practice avoidance instead of testing their will power but this won’t work your whole life, (unless you don’t want a social life.)Instead eat before going to the party. Have a healthy snack, maybe some fruits or veggies but don’t go ravenous.
Don’t save it for the end! When we tell ourselves we will wait all day to eat and save it for the party this is when we tend to gorge ourselves. Eat throughout the day, this will allow you to make better decisions on what to eat later.
Have a sweet but have one. Don’t forgo your cookie exchange, but also don’t come home and eat 8 cookies. Opt to go to your cookie exchange and if you don’t have kids to bring those cookies home to, keep three or four and bring the rest to work, neighbors, family or friends. Just get them out of the house!
Don’t sit! Exercise is just as important if not more during the holiday season. Keep your date with the gym, pavement, treadmill or elliptical to keep at bay the unwanted holiday pounds.