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Lex Harvey, FNP-C

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Lex Harvey, FNP-C

About the provider

I remember when I was a teen we had a family friend who was a nurse. She was smart, funny, and loved her job. It seemed like a profession that would bring a lot of satisfaction but I couldn't figure out how to blend school and work and keep a roof over my head so I went down a different path. After a fifteen year career in property management, I decided to return to school and realize my original dream of working in healthcare. I never regretted my decision for a second. I feel like this is where I was meant to be and every day at work is a good one.
Family practice allows me to help my fellow residents of my community from teens to seniors. Having my neighbors and friends entrust their health to me just reinforces the knowledge that I entered the right field. A referral from one patient to another means more than anything to me.
Listening to patients is the key to connecting with them. Taking in the bigger picture about what's happening in their life gives a clearer picture of the many things that impact their health.
When not working, I enjoy the multitude of activities available in the Hudson Valley. Whether it's a hike up Mt Beacon, a trip to a local fair or craft market, there is always something going on to see or do here. When at home I enjoy reading and spending time with the family, and I am looking forward to some new puppies in the house soon!
The best advice I have for patients is to listen to your body when it's trying to tell you something, stay hydrated, always have veggies at every meal and while it's great to see you at the grocery store, keep those follow up appointments so we can stay on top of your health!

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  • Family Medicine

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